This is a solar powered celebration dedicated to transforming the cities we live in. We, as humans, are the only barrier delaying the transition to a world based on infinite resources. Not only is this future possible, it is inevitable. Off the Grid will help speed up the shift, but we need your help. Here’s how we plan to do it:


The time is now. Last year, on a sunny Tuesday afternoon, 1000 people came together to celebrate the future. This summer solstice, the longest day of the year (21 Dec, 2016), we aim to double that number to 2,000. This is a day that all our ancestors have connected with in one way or another, and we are continuing that tradition. It’s going down at the forecourt of the Australian Centre for Contemporary Arts, Melbourne.


We’ll connect one of the finest sound systems to a battery bank and some solar panels, assemble a talented crew of artists, musicians and minds to connect technology with creativity. 10 hours of dancing, eating and drinking, without sending a single piece of material to landfill. Sounds impossible right? Be realistic, demand the impossible.


Using all of the profit from Off the Grid, we plan to help power the entire city, one solar project at a time. The power that is generated from the solar projects will be sold back to the grid, and that money will then be invested back into more parties. Once the city is 100% renewable, we will give that infrastructure back to the people of Melbourne.


First round $50 +bf - Sold Out
Second round $60 +bf - Selling Fast
Third round $70 +bf
Corporate Ticket Early Bird $100 +bf 
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Music & Art


As Albrecht La'Brooy, Melbourne improvisers Sean La'Brooy and Alex Albrecht modernise the classic jazz format, while walking house music through the rainforest and down to the shore. Absorbing Australia's landscape to craft enlightened ambient­dance on the fly, the pair's performances are never to be missed and never to be repeated.


How can this one man be described? Iconoclast?… Visionary?… Purist and/or anti-purist? Andee Frost has for many years incited Melbourne’s underground to incredible heights by bringing realness to the party. At his phenomenal The House de Frost 5 hour-plus disco odysseys at The Toff in Town he defines what it is to be the city’s lynchpin DJ every fucking Saturday night. It is insane. He curates the drag queens like he’s Andy Warhol, controls the lights like he’s Thomas Edison, books the DJs like he’s Peter Grant and brainwashes the room through his custom Bozak like he’s the David Koresh of the dance floor. Every great music city has a defining DJ. Andee is one of these guys. Andee has warmed up or down for Optimo and Horse Meat Disco (both his spiritual brothers), Moodymann, DJ Harvey, Rub n Tug, 2ManyDjs, The Revenge, Andrew Weatherall, Vakula, MCDC, DJ Garth, Tim Sweeney, Marcellus Pitmann, Rick Wilhite, Hunee, Prosumer and many more at THDF and the hyper-cult basement Animal’s Dancing parties. Over the years residencies at honkytonks, Sorry Grandma! Third Class, New Guernica have had him school over a million ears to the fact that THERE IS MORE. Andee has been around forever, but as always, the night is young.


András is the stage name of Andrew Wilson (1988), an Australian musician who’s earned acclaim for his unpredictable take on electronica. His soft focused abstractions are an elegant counter­argument to the angular clichés of contemporary studio wank, cutting a broad path through ‘90s underground house, soundtrack and ambient music. His work is loosely based around drum machine rhythms and sloppy soft synthesis; smoothing over nature­machine and industrial­relax oppositions and enjoying all the confusion. In addition to his production work, Andrew hosts Strange Holiday Radio on Melbourne’s 3RRR 102.7fm where he champions a diverse mix of local and Australian music. In addition to radio­podcasts and mixes, there are a couple compilations and re­issue projects in development.


Chunky Move constantly seeks to redefine what is or what can be contemporary dance in an ever evolving Australian culture. Their work is diverse in form and content encompassing productions for the stage, site specific, new­media and installation work. For this years Off the Grid, Chunky Move presents Benjamin Hancock’s PRINCESS. Benjamin is a young Melbourne based dancer and choreographer who graduated from the Victorian College of the Arts in 2008. He is a much sought after performer and has worked with some of Australia’s leading choreographers such as Lucy Guerin Inc, Sue Healey, Prue Lang, Antony Hamilton, Martin del Amo, Narelle Benjamin, Gideon Obarzanek and Chunky Move. Benjamin is a prolific solo performer, having presented work for Kirsha Kaechele MONA Gallery & Prospect 3 New Orleans Biennale, Chunky Move’s Next Move program, Melbourne Now National Gallery of Victoria, and Lucy Guerin Inc.’s Pieces For Small Spaces. His solo piece PRINCESS received a 2015 Green Room Award nomination for Outstanding Male Dancer and two Green Room Awards for ‘Music, Sound Design’ and ‘Performance and Visual Design’. Benjamin has also engaged with the performance/club scene for a number of years collaborating with Dark MOFO Festival Hobart, The Arbory Bar and Eatery and Projekt 3488 Warburton. Image courtesy of Chunky Move / credit: Sarah Walker


EARTH, FIRE, AIR, WATER. We are DEEP SOULFUL SWEATS (DSS). A little bit deep house, a little bit stompy, a little bit Jane Fonda, a lot of whacky weird; Deep Soulful Sweats is an energetic ritual/yoga/dance/participatory arty party. We move our bodies, we make shapes, we work together to exorcise through exercise. We use fake believe and pop-culture, star-signs, paganism, celebrity trash gossip and the seasons to create a meaningful experience through participatory performance. DSS was founded on the 2013 winter solstice by Rebecca Jensen (WATER), Sarah Aiken (AIR), Natalie Abbott (FIRE) and Janine Proost (EARTH). It has been through many reincarnations including Fantasy Light Yoga at CHUNKY MOVE, the pulse rejuvenation module at Festival of Live Art Arts House, PEAKS OF PHANTASM at Northcote town hall for Next Wave Festival, Dark MOFO Hobart, YOU GOTTA WERK (SHOPP) at Dancehouse, GALAXY STOMP Theatre Republic Brisbane Festival and DEEP SOULFUL SWEATS/SLEEPS Sacred Prism at Strawberry Fields.


Founder of radio show turned vinyl label, Lullaby for Insomniacs, Izabel Caligiore cites a lust for traveling and exploration as her main artistic inspiration. After leaving her native Melbourne for Amsterdam, Izabel is now infusing various projects with her uniquely eclectic taste. She is co curator of the 22 Tracks playlist ‘Moody’ – alongside Belgian DJ Nosedrip – hosts a monthly radio show on acclaimed station Red Light Radio, and contributes to radio shows and mix series around the world.


Inarguably one of Australia's biggest house luminaries, Melbourne native Janette Pitruzzello aka DJ JNETT has been spinning records and creating heat in Melbourne’s music industry since the early 90s. Having previously presented ABC’s legendary live & dance music TV show R​ecovery,​DJ DJNETT has since played a significant role in influencing and inspiring her community through local media; a consistency which has spanned throughout her career to​h​er soulful & eclectic radio program on Melbourne’s, A​re You Ready? JNETT’s boundless crates of wax & supreme turntable technique spans seamlessly throughout deep house, techno, funk, soul, disco, dub, reggae and hip hop which has won over infinite types of audiences. An integral fixture in Melbourne's club music scene, JNETT's priceless years of digging & dedication saw her become the ears behind the counter at the iconic Central Station Records. This has also lead to her launching her own brand I​Get The Music.​


Miss Goldie has always collected records but she started seriously collecting and DJing professionaly in the mid 90's, cutting her teeth at Thomas Crown's weekly night Get Down in Sydney along with regular spots at MoFonics, The Blue Room, Candy's and Off The Cuff parties that she run with L Static. Miss Goldie has always had an eye for the small run, regional black American 45 labels and over the last 3 decades has emassed a collection of sort after obsurities from deep soul face melters to dance floor bangers. Miss Goldie started doing radio in Sydney 2001 at East Side Radio as part of "Fire On The Wire" and then "Sounds of Soul". Moving to Melbourne she was quickly picked up at PBS and has been hosting "Boss Action" for the last 8yrs.


NO ZU are an 8­piece, body­music extravaganza dug up from deep within the Melbourne underground dance world. Otherworldly group vocals, wild horns, housey synths, deep groove basslines and Latin percussion are the ingredients that make up their acclaimed and art­ damaged sound. The high energy moods of no­wave, boogie, dub, disco and salsa manifest into NO ZU’s very own ‘heat beat’. They are inescapably antipodean in outlook and feeling, yet are particularly global and universal in influence. Each NO ZU show, whether at a local/international music festival or at a smokey basement club, always threatens to manifest into an unbridled, sweat­fest of a mutant dance party where distinctions between performer and audience disappear and the heat beat possesses all.


A supreme DJ and the deepest of diggers, Tako is continuously at the coalface of discovery, lapping the European countryside on a quest for the most amazing music we’ve never heard. Championing his finds through his two labels Into The Light Records and Music From Memory, he’s also 1/2 of curated store Red Light Records Amsterdam – a mecca of inspiration for DJs worldwide.


Featuring an internationally renowned lineup that traverses The Gambia, Senegal, Ethiopia, Ghana and Australia, the Senegambian Jazz Band channels over eight thousand years of African musical traditions, transporting the power and beauty of these ancient sounds, rhythms and melodies to euphoric audiences across Australia.


"The Palimpsest"

Off the Grid, will host a selection of Australia’s leading environmentalists, architects, activists, entrepreneurs and foodies on the ACCA Forecourt, to participate in a conversational style discussion whilst reinforcing Finding Infinity’s mission to connect and empower the city of Melbourne.

This is not just another conference - The Palimpsest is a platform designed to promote the exchange of ideas and innovations by exploring experts’ visions of future cities and transforming them into micro-action nowisms for you to take with you.

A 'palimpsest' is an ancient document that is rewritten and rewritten, over and over again, constantly evolving - much like cities. We invite you to engage with our speakers to create a user-generated experience, helping to shape the conference in the real-time.

To sweeten the deal, Off the Grid has partnered with the Victorian Chapter of the Australian Institute of Architects to provide Continuing Professional Development points for architects who attend. 

Off the Grid presents

“The Palimpsest”

ACCA Forecourt | 21 Dec, 9am - 1pm

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Adele Winteridge

Foolscap Studio
Adele Winteridge is founder of interdisciplinary design practice Foolscap Studio. From interior architecture through to visual identity design and cultural programming, Adele sees every project as an opportunity to explore the boundaries of what design can do for people, communities and clients alike. Working across the commercial, hospitality, residential and public domain sectors, she and her team endeavour to create places that bring people together and contribute to a city’s identity and livability.While adhering to no single aesthetic, her work is defined by striking a nimble balance between concept narrative, function, technical and a healthy dose of the unexpected.

Bronwyn Johnson

Leading Arts Producer Bronwyn Johnson is one of Melbourne’s most experienced and senior arts producers. She has worked across various art forms including the visual and performing arts. Bronwyn Johnson is the former CEO of Melbourne Art Foundation and Director of the biennial not for profit Melbourne Art Fair. Bronwyn Johnson is the current President of Arts Project Australia, a supported contemporary art studio and gallery for artists with intellectual disabilities based in Northcote. Bronwyn Johnson is currently the Executive Director of CLIMARTE and a recipient of 2015 City of Melbourne’s Melbourne Award for the ART+CLIMATE=CHANGE 2015 festival, for contribution to environmental community sustainability. Bronwyn Johnson is a current member of Melbourne Girls’ College Sustainability Committee and a Board member of CLIMARTE. Bronwyn Johnson is joint editor, with Guy Abrahams, CEO and co-founder CLIMARTE and Kelly Gellatly, Director of The Ian Potter Museum of Art at The University of Melbourne on the recent Melbourne University Press publication ART+CLIMATE=CHANGE (June 2016).Bronwyn is currently producing ART+CLIMATE=CHANGE 2017 which will feature over 25 exhibitions across Melbourne and regional Victoria, keynote lectures by local and international guests as well as over 50 public programs during April and May next year.

Clare Cousins

Clare Cousins Architects
Establishing her Melbourne practice, Clare Cousins Architects, in 2005, Clare has since forged a practice recognised for design excellence in residential, cultural, interior and furniture design. Engaged in projects large and small, the studio explores experientially rich architecture that celebrates simple domestic ritual whilst curating newfound relationships with the surrounding context and landscape. Clare is actively involved in the broader design community and is an inaugural investor in Nightingale, supporting the landmark triple bottom line development model for its social and sustainable benefits. Clare is now undertaking her own Nightingale project.

Edd Fisher

Having culminated a reputation as a Melbourne stalwart, Edd Fisher has garnered the support of establishments such as Golden Plains, Boiler Room and Thump, who described him as "one of Melbourne's most forward-thinking music minds." Edd has fostered his aptitude and appreciation for music via countless avenues, including hosting his weekly radio program Tomorrowland on Melbourne's iconic radio station PBS106.7FM, being a resident of Wax’o Paradiso and playing sets across a broad spectrum of Australia’s cultural & nightlife calendar. Always on the search for the groove, from the ancient to the future, his formally-trained ears will take you deep into the proverbial night.

Ellen Sandell MLA

State Member for Melbourne
Greens Spokesperson for Climate Change, Energy, Resources, Water and Environment Greens Spokesperson for Housing and Major Cultural Events Ellen is the first Greens MP elected to the lower house of Victorian Parliament. She lives in Kensington and holds a dual Bachelors of Arts/Science Degree from the University of Melbourne, majoring in genetics, linguistics and Spanish. Ellen began her career as a researcher with the CSIRO. She then worked on climate change policy for former Labor premier John Brumby's Department of Premier and Cabinet, and later became the chief executive of a national climate change non-profit organisation, the Australian Youth Climate Coalition. As a parliamentarian, Ellen’s priorities have been to continue to push for action on climate change, better public transport, a caring society and a liveable Melbourne.

FLOG! Publication

FLOG! is a positive propaganda machine and arena for architectural inquiry. It makes public the questions, desires and anxieties of practice as an accompaniment to professional and spiritual life. It may also have exotic benefits for social relationships. FLOG's imperative is to observe the world by cutting a slice through its unknowable geology. It regards the city as too complex to talk only of its buildings and aims to draw our entanglement by discussing town planning, the western bulldogs, Russian cosmonauts, Air BNB, kitchen detailing, taxonomies of objects, ad lib and etc. Recent publications include the 'Dear Architecture School...' series, “Does Anyone Have Any Questions?” yearbook and '5000 years of FLOG History'. The current FLOG! series is FLUNKmail - a 6 month subscription service to a self-help architectural cure program. ( Appearing at Off the Grid will be FLOG! Editor Eleanor Tullock, Assistant Editor and writer Dan Sclz and author of FLUNKmail Issue 01 'Sharing is Pairing', Paul Van Herk (straight male Caucasian looking for love).

Joost Bakker

Greenhouse, Silo & Brothl
Joost Bakker is an environmental visionary turning radical ideas into reality. His installations, artworks and pop-up buildings demand attention and spark change. He is known for creating Australia’s first zero-waste cafe (Brothl), ‘Greenhouse’ pop up cafes in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth, and building fire resistant houses from 100% recyclable materials. His ideas have been widely praised, shared and appropriated all around the world.

Natalie Isaacs

One Million Women
Natalie is the founder and CEO of 1 Million Women,a movement of 450,000 women (and counting) who take practical action to fight dangerous climate change by changing the way we live. 1 Million Women are pioneers in the gender and climate change arena in Australia and our mission is to be a global organisation inspiring women all over the world. Natalie’s own climate journey from apathy to real action cuts through complexity and delivers a simple message that resonates with women and girls of all ages and that goes to the heart and soul of what 1 Million Women is all about. She used to be a cosmetics manufacturer. On the topic of climate change she was no where but in 2006 had an epiphany and changed. Natalie realised that individual action is key to solving the climate crisis. She realised women are the game changers. So I deciding to leave behind the over-packaged world of skincare behind and set out to create an organisation that inspires and empowers women to act. 1 Million Women is now a movement of over 450,000 women.Their blog last year got nearly 4 million views and in 2013 we received an award from the United Nations for the work we do.

Paul Gorrie

Paul Gorrie is a Gunai/Kurnai & Yorta Yorta Man currently living on Wurundjeri country of the Kulin Nations. He is Seed Indigenous Youth Climate Network's Victorian state coordinator. Paul is passionate about protecting sacred Aboriginal country and has an interest in native plants. Paul also is an artist and musician in his spare time. Image: Kiernan Ironfield

Peter Malatt

6 Degrees
Peter Malatt was born in Melbourne in 1966, raised in Bairnsdale and educated at the University of Melbourne. He is a founding member of Six Degrees, widely recognised for engaging and rich design in hospitality, tertiary education and civic fields. Six Degrees continues to develop ideas about human needs, high and low design, raw materiality, recycling and brutalism within a collective framework. Peter is an enthusiastic contributor to education, and has taught at the University of Melbourne and guested at Deakin University and University of Tasmania from 2000. He is also a regular guest at AIA continuing education lectures. Peter has served on a number of Victorian AIA awards juries and in 2009 served as a National AIA awards jury member. In 2012 he was admitted as a fellow of the AIA and in 2013 elected to National Council. In 2014-15 he served as Victorian President of the Australian Institute of Architects.

Rob Murray-Leach

Energy Efficiency Council
Rob Murray-Leach is the Head of Policy at the Energy Efficiency Council, the Australian peak body for energy efficiency. Rob was the founding CEO of the Council and formerly a member of the Garnaut Climate Change Review and the Prime Minister’s Task Group on Energy Efficiency. He has a background in behaviour and sustainability from Oxford and Adelaide and has contributed to several award-winning books on these topics.

Tané Hunter

Future Crunch
Tané is a science communicator, futurist and bioinformatician. He works with big data in the biological realm and specialises in cancer research. In 2004 Tane won a US national title and was heading for a career as a professional cyclist. Unfortunately, an injury in 2006 brought Tané’s cycling career to an end and he refocused on science. While sailing across the South Pacific in 2010, Tané met Dr. Darlene Ketten from Harvard Medical School. Long discussions with her piqued his interest in medical genomics and bioinformatics which eventually led him to the University of Melbourne where he completed a Masters in Bioinformatics in 2013. He has worked for the Royal Children’s Hospital diagnosing rare diseases in children using genetics, and is currently doing his PhD at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in Melbourne, using molecular biomarkers to better understand, diagnose and improve treatment for people suffering from cancer.

Timothy Hill

Partners Hill
Previously director of Donovan Hill, Timothy Hill recently returned to Australia and established Partners Hill to continue participating in building, researching, advocating and teaching. His prior experience in collaborations has yielded the C house, D house, HH House, State Library of Queensland, Santos Place, Cornwall Apartments, Translational Research Institute and the soon to be demolished Neville Bonner Building. Current work with Partners Hill includes the Long House (Daylesford), the 2016 Mofo Aesop festival chamber (Hobart), and with Wilson Architects, the University of Queensland Student Residences Project, for 1200 students (Brisbane). Timothy was Creative Director of the 2007 RAIA National Conference, introducing a more ‘lounge-like’ format and boosting student participation. He has spoken at conference events globally, and consulted, deliberated on juries and taught in most Australian cities. Current preoccupations include non-family housing, post-white-cube galleries, civic landscapes, historical architectural styles and the scope for interior design in Australia.


Fresh Fork Catering
Paul Mattei ​is the owner and operator of Fresh Fork catering. His passion for food extends to organic, ethical and sustainably sourced produce and combines a flair for creativity and clever design. Paul has extensive knowledge of food in relation to health and wellbeing and lectures on the subject for a number of retreat centres and wellbeing events around Australia. He is also the brains behind many health branded products having worked with companies such as Loving Earth and Botanical Cuisine. RAW PEOPLE is his newest venture with a promise to create the best chocolate bars in the world!!! We can’t wait!!
The Happy Motel
Born 5 years ago in Adelaide from a from a fortunate meeting of like-minds, late nights and long tables, The Happy Motel is a catering company inspired by unique food experiences found only at street level. Designed to give the customer a memorable taste of global street culture, The Happy Motel injects food and drink with theatre and eccentricity. A food and beverage philosophy where taste and tradition prevail and an environment that welcomes and engages combine to invite the customer along all levels of creation. We put the penny in your pudding and the fish sauce in your discourse. Food, booze and music with added arts and tarts.
Presented by:
Supporting partners:
"Exciting and ambitious"
Joel Stern
Liquid Architecture
Liquid Architecture
"OFF.the.GRID is just another example of the Melbourne community’s continuing commitment to changing the way we consume creative work—and the way we enjoy ourselves. The dance community is consistently reimagining ways to make partying and supporting dance and music culture more inclusive, productive and conscientious. OFF.the.GRID's contribution to that is a hugely exciting thing to watch"
Issy Beech
"What's so inspiring about off the grid is how it not only aims for Eco- sustainability but actually offers a viable business model that is economically sustainable in the long term. It's not merely ' look what's possible with solar power' , off the grid is demonstrating a whole new approach to start ups, entrepreneurs and the entire entertainment industry that makes sense economically and ecologically. The future has been glaring at us from Above since forever- hats off to off the grid for seizing this opportunity."
Bradley Zero
Rhythm Section INTL.
"It’s really nice to see a music festival that’s come about to spread another message, to use that community, the community you can bring together through music."
Becky Sui Zhen
Artist 2015
"It’s too easy to get lost in the moment when you’re at a festival, but OFF the GRID know’s we have to look at the future!"
Stamp The Wax
"We’re proud to support a music event that shares our optimism for the future and the opportunity we all have to effect positive change."
Rachel Elliot-Jones
Assemble PAPERS
"Fossil fuel based capitalism is past it’s sell by date. Conventional energy is getting more expensive. It’s heavier, it’s deeper, it’s less. And we live in a world where the poor get poorer and the rich get richer but fewer"
Vivienne Westwood
"It's time to party" [On Off the Grid]
Vivienne Westwood
"Bringing everyone together, spreading the message, making better decisions for ourselves and the environment"
Melissa Hemsley
Hemsley & Hemsley
"It's making it cool to be conscious about the environment & I think that's such a lovely message and there's such a big sea change with everyone going on and they are more interested and they want to be part of it and together we can all make that difference"
Jasmine Hemsley
Hemsley & Hemsley


off the grid
21/12/16 @ ACCA, 111 STURT ST, MELBOURNE

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